Summer Gage Park Hamilton Family Photography Mini Session | Ben + Jenny = Hannah | One Year Old Photo shoot

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Summer Gage Park Hamilton Family Photography… Ben, Jenny and Hannah’s cute lifestyle family portrait session took place on a beautiful summer day near the time of Hannah’s first birthday! We were thrilled to be able to document some of Hannah’s first steps as Ben and Jenny helped her along the paths of Gage Park. However, if you pay attention as you browse their images, you may notice that on this particular day Hannah did not enjoy the feeling of the grass beneath her feet and can be seen literally hovering above the ground as her parents held her hands! It has been a pleasure getting to know the family of three who are relatively new to the Hamilton area. What we love most about photographing families is taking a variety of portraits within one session – essentially rolling several types of portraits, such as individual portraits, couple’s portraits, group portraits, small details and spontaneous moments, all into one succinct session. Many parents find it tough to find alone time after having kids, so getting portraits of just the two of them alone together is a must-have! As is individual photos of “the little one” in the family. Especially in the early years, kids grow and change so much in a short amount of time; it is so important to capture beautiful images at each milestone. Also featured in their session at Gage Park, coined “the jewel of Hamilton’s east end”, is the park’s recently restored water fountain. The historic monument was built in 1927 and it was a pleasant surprise to see it back up and running again for the summer! Thank you so much, Ben and Jenny (and Hannah!), for the opportunity to photograph you just doing what you do together in this gorgeous neighbourhood meeting place. Enjoy!

Gage park hamilton family photographer lifestyle

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Gage park hamilton lifestyle family photographer

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Gage park hamilton lifestyle family photographer

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Gage park hamilton real life family photographer

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Gage park hamilton candid family photographer

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Gage park hamilton family photographer

Uptown Vintage Town of Kleinburg Wedding Photography | St Davids Parish and Mississauga Convention Centre

Kleinburg United Church Wedding Photography0001

Uptown Vintage Town of Kleinburg Wedding Photography… You may remember this awesome couple from their autumn engagement portraits and video in Niagara-on-the-Lake! These two warm our hearts, and now here we are on their wedding day! Their summer nuptials in the enchanting old town of Kleinburg area were a beautiful infusion of uptown style and vintage elements. As the Groom watched his Bride coming down the aisle during their emotional and traditional Catholic ceremony within Saint David’s Parish, his expression brought all to tears. They exchanged beautiful self-written vows. Afterward, the bridal party made their way over to Kleinburg Village for their portraits via TreVi Livery’s vintage coach, while the happy couple was chauffeured in TreVi’s 1952 Bentley Mark VI! We began at the village’s historic Railway Station, followed by the former Kleinburg United Church across the road, and then finishing up with the bridal party over gelato at Dolcini by Joseph among the quaint collection of shops on the village’s main street. The reception was held at Mississauga Convention Centre where the couple was ushered in with an epic documentary style video remake of The Soprano’s intro theme song that our very own Tim Cummins put together for them! The ballroom’s ambiance and décor was romantic and dreamy. The speeches and dances with their parents were straight from the heart and displayed their deep rooted love and respect for their family, once again moving many to tears. The four of us here at GreenAutumn are truly honoured to have been a part of their celebration!

Uptown Vintage Town of Kleinburg Wedding Photography and Videography | St Davids Parish and Mississauga Convention Centre from GreenAutumn Photography + Film on Vimeo.

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0002

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0003

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0004

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0005

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0006

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0007

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0008

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0009

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0010

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0011

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0012

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0013

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0014

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0015

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0016

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0017

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0018

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0019

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0020

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0021

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0022

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0023

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0024

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0025

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0026

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0027

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0028

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0029

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0030

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0031

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0032

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0033

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0034

Uptown St Davids Parish Maple Wedding Photography0035

Uptown St Davids Parish Wedding Photography0036

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0037

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0038

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0039

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0040

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0041

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0042

Uptown St Davids Parish Wedding Photography0043

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0044

Uptown St Davids Parish Maple Wedding Photography0045

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0046

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0047

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0048

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0049

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0050

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0051

Uptown St Davids Parish Wedding Photography0052

Uptown Vintage Town of Kleinburg Wedding Photography0053

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0054

Uptown Kleinburg Railway Station Wedding Photography0055

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0056

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0057

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0058

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0059

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0060

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0061

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0062

Kleinburg Railway Station Wedding Photography0063

Kleinburg Railway Station Wedding Photography0064

Kleinburg Railway Station Wedding Photography0065

Uptown Vintage Town of Kleinburg Wedding Photography0066

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0067

Uptown Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding Photography0068

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0069

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0070

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0071

Uptown Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding Photography0072

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0073

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0074

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0075

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0076

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0077

Uptown Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding Photography0078

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0079

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0080

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0081

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0082

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0083

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0084

Classy Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding Photography0085

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0086

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0087

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0088

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0089

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0090

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0091

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0092

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0093

Uptown Kleinburg Village Wedding Photography0094

A shout-out to their vendors…

Makeup Artist: MICHELLE REIS at What A Pretty Face; Hair Stylist: ANGELA; Bridal gown designer: ALLURE COUTURE; Bridal accessories: SWAROVSKI; Bridal shoes: KATE SPADE; Bridesmaid’s dresses: DAVID’S BRIDAL; Bride’s gift from Groom: LOUIS VUITTON (purse); Groom’s and Groomsmen’s attire, shoes and accessories: TUXEDO ROYALE; Groom’s accessories: KIISO COLLECTION (custom cufflinks) and TW STEEL (watch – groom’s gift from bride); Bridal Party gifts: RADIANT FINE JEWELLERS; Officiate: REV. ERNESTO DE CICCIOFlorist: ASHTON CREATIVE FLORAL DESIGNS; Caterer: MISSISSAUGA CONVENTION CENTRE; Cake Creator: IRRESISTIBLE CAKES; Guest favours: OVI; First dance song: A THOUSAND YEARS by Christina Perri; DJ/Live music: GOOD VIBRATIONS; Entertainment: WELLINGTON MUSIC (Live Drummer); Photo booth: PHOTOBOOTH TO; Videographer: GREEN AUTUMN FILM; Transportation: TREVI LIVERY; Wedding Planner: RITA CICCARELLI at Celebrations by Design; Event Decorator: DANIEL BARKER HOUSE OF DESIGN; DIY elements: signs used for the entrance of the ceremony and the reception

Waterloo Region Museum Shutterbug Themed Wedding Photography | Aidan + Leanne = Married!

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0001
Waterloo Region Museum Shutterbug Themed Wedding Photography… What happens when two photographers get married? Awesomeness. That’s what happens. We LOVED Aidan and Leanne‘s wedding for everything from their enthusiasm and free-spirited love to the vibrant colours and personal details that made their wedding very them through and through! We knew that their wedding would be fun and fantastic, just as they are, but it was so nice to see their vision and creativity actualised. You may remember these two from their colourful Niagara Falls engagement session which has garnered much attention from many on both sides of the border looking for Clifton Hill photographers. Theirs is one of our favourite engagement sessions of all time. We were thrilled to see their natural chemistry once again shining through on their wedding day. As always, Leanne’s incredible smile and contagious joy lit every room she entered throughout their wedding day. Getting ready at the charming Walper Hotel provided a setting rich with character for their portraits. Their church ceremony was adorned with all of their personal details and photography props that were later brought to the Waterloo Region Museum for their gorgeous reception in The Grand Foyer. Aidan and Leanne are full of many talents. Together they led their wedding guests in a time of worship with vocals and guitar at the beginning of their ceremony. Later on you will see how they entertained all with their choreographed first dance… Aidan is not only a creative writer and a photographer, but a skilled graphic designer, as well. He personally designed all of the written and printed details himself! That’s everything from their Save the Dates, invites, menus, CD guest favours, programs, seating chart, posters, table numbers… the works (their save the dates and invites are our favourite ones yet). We appreciated the unique elements they incorporated in the ceremony, especially their private communion together in a hidden corner of the stage. Fast forward to their intimate museum reception – Waterloo Region Museum’s Grand Foyer is a gorgeous, spacious area that allows for a lot of natural light from the glass wall with a view of the Doon Heritage Village. Aidan and Leanne’s décor perfectly accented the clean and modern space. Each table had a disposable film camera for guests to take pictures of one another and document the celebration from their own perspective. Vintage cameras were displayed throughout, as centrepieces on each table and also on tripods presenting prints of Aidan and Leanne. Everyone had a blast during the photo session with the bridal party in the heritage village. Our highlight is a portrait of the bridal party being photobombed by a mob of 1914 villagers! The rest of the evening was filled with both hilarious and sentimental speeches, and let’s not forget to mention the dancing. Oh, yes, there was dancing.
Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0002

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0003

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0004

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0009

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0005

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0006

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0007

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0011

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0008

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0012

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0018

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0019

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0014

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0016

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0021

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0023

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0020

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0022

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0024

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0025

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0026

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0028

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0031

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0034

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0032

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0033

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0036

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0037

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0038

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0039

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0040

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0041

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0042

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0043

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0044

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0045

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0046

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0047

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0048

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0049

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0050

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0051

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0053

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0054

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0055

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0056

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0057

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0058

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0059

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0060

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0061

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0062

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0063

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0064

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0065

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0066

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0067

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0068

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0069

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0070

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0071

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0072

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0073

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0074

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0075

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0076

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0077

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0078

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0079

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0080

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0081

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0082

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0083

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0084

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0085

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0086

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0087

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0088

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0089

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0090

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0091

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0092

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0093

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0094

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0096

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0097

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0098

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0099

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0100

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0101

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0102

Waterloo Region Museum Wedding Photography0107

Congratulations to you both, Aidan and Leanne! It has truly been an honour to be a part of your wedding story! Their wedding was captured on both film and digital photography mediums. We also thank Christian Bender for his assistance as third photographer with GreenAutumn for the day!

A shout-out to their vendors…

Makeup Artist: Faces By Tania; Hair Stylist: Allison Tullio-Groves from The Hairitage Beauty Salon and Day Spa; Bridal gown designer: Stella York; Bridal shop: Crème Couture; Bridal accessories: earrings from Crème Couture, bracelet from Vivah Jewellery, wedding band designed by Harmony Jewellers; Bridal shoes: Nine West; Bridesmaids’ dresses: Wrap Magic Skirts; Bridesmaids’ accessories: Le Chateau; Groom’s attire: JC Penney; Groom’s shoes: Kohl’s; Groomsmen’s attire: JC Penney; Groomsmen’s shoes: various; Groomsmen’s accessories: ties from Macy’s, socks from Target; Bridal party gifts: housecoats from Le Vie en Rose (bride’s DIY project: labelling and personalising each one); Officiate: Rev. Jason Mills; Florist: Jodi Leigh Designs; Caterer: Bingemans Catering; Cake Creator: Jirina’s Bakery; Guest favours: DIY CD’s of playlist (labels and covers designed by the groom) and DIY chocolate cameras (melted and packaged by bride, her sister/MOH, and her mother); DJ music: Flashpoint Productions; Entertainment: Photobooth by Flashpoint Productions; Wedding planner: the bride; Event decorator: Jodi Leigh Designs; Stationary: Save the Dates, invitations, signs and branding designed by the groom; Accommodations: Walper Hotel; Ceremony venue: Calvin Presbyterian Church Kitchener; Reception venue: Waterloo Region Museum (The Museum Building Grand Foyer); Photo location: Waterloo Region Museum (Doon Heritage Village); Third photographer assisting GreenAutumn Photography for the day: Christian Bender (thank you so much for all your hard work, Christian!).

DIY elements: Aidan Hennebry did all the Graphic Design (Menu, Save the Dates, Invitations, CD favours, Programs, Seating Chart, Poster, Table Numbers); pocket squares for the guys were cut by Aidan; all of the old cameras on tripods with photos strung between them for display are from Aidan and Leanne’s personal collection and they like to use many of them; the guest signing photo book of engagement images (photography by us!) was designed by Aidan and Leanne and printed via Shutterfly; bride’s and bridesmaids’ housecoats were personalised and monogrammed by Leanne; chocolate camera guest favours created and packaged by Leanne, her sister/MOH and her mother.

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